The aim of our professional services is to provide the project management or technical support that maximises value for you the customer and speeds your project delivery. Our consultants can be placed onsite to either work alongside or as part of your project team, or we can work externally from our own office.

Software Engineering

LatLong Systems can support your software development activities across a variety of languages, including C, C++, Java, Python, Shell Scripting and SQL using a variety of IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio and Netbeans). We have experience in embedded software technologies through to complex software systems utilising middleware technologies (Hibernate, JDBC and ASN.1) and databases (relational, document and object oriented). Our configuration management expertise spans the full Software Development Life Cycle (with both centralised and decentalised configuration management) utilising continuous integration tools, Solaris packaging and Windows installers.

Systems Engineering

LatLong Systems can support your systems engineering activities to help you navigate the complex engineering issues over your project life cycle. We take a holistic viewpoint of systems engineering with experience in both the technical and management processes with large projects and can assist you with requirements engineering, functional analysis, system decomposition, design, implementation and testing. Our experience with project management collaboration tools such as JIRA and Confluence, Microsoft Project and Rational DOORs will help you meet the project requirements of your software or system.